Aadhya Santhosh 3yr Old sensation Tennis 🎾 training drills @Tennis TV


Aadhya Santhosh 3yr Old sensation Tennis 🎾 training drills
@Top Speed Tennis
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@Top Tennis Training – Pro Tennis Lessons
@Tennis TV

Olympics 2020 | Indian Medal 🏅from Chennai | Aadhya & Lakshya Preparing for 2036 Olympics teaser

Aadhya and Lakshya Preparing for her Olympics 2036 from SPS Academy Chennai to claim medal for India in Olympics 2036

Aadhya Santhosh is a 3year old kid, who loves singing dancing and sports running specifically. Below are her few videos, do watch and enjoy, support her through your caring and sharing the video

To watch Aadhya Santhosh video

Dedication to her Mom Yuvan Hit song

Aadhya Dance Rehearsal

Aadhya world record running

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