Customizing the Gravity Pro to Rublev’s Spec


What racquet does Andrey Rublev use? How to customize the Head Gravity Pro. Does Rublev use the Auxetic Gravity Pro? What Strings Does Rublev Use?

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00:00 Most Pro’s Are Liars
00:32 Shocking Rublev Statement
00:49 Why Andrey is EPIC
01:57 Can We Replicate Rublev’s Specs?
03:16 What Frame Does He ACTUALLY Use?
03:45 What Are Rublev’s Racquet Specs?
04:20 How to Copy Rublev’s Specs
05:27 The Hard Part
06:12 My Genius
06:45 What Strings Does Rublev Use?
08:00 How I Measure Balance Point
09:16 The Review
10:29 BWEH!
10:46 Marko’s Thoughts
11:11 Final Thoughts

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