“She WON’T Win WIMBLEDON!” Martina Navratilova on Emma Raducanu


Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by nine-time Wimbledon winner Martina Navratilova to talk about tennis, trans athletes and Emma Raducanu’s performance.

Piers brings up Tom Daley and Megan Rapinoe taking to social media to express their ‘outrage’ of trans athletes not being allowed to compete and Martina explains the biological advantage that comes with growing up in a male body, saying “sports biology matters”. Piers also brings up the fact that Martina’s former tennis coach Renee Richards is trans and Martina says Renee agrees with her stance on the issue.

They then go on to discuss Emma’s win at Wimbledon against Alison van Uytvanck and whether she has a chance of winning the whole contest. Martina believes she doesn’t, telling Piers her forehand is not strong enough and she is not fit enough. She also thinks letting go of the coach who helped her win the US Open was a mistake.

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