2021 Nitto ATP Finals Live Stream – Practice Court 1 | Turin


Thursday 18th November – Practice Court 1 Schedule (times CET and subject to change):

10:30am – Bolelli + Gonzalez
11:15pm – Zverev + M.Zverev
12:00pm – Hurcacz + Coach
12:30pm – Karatsev + Banerjee
1:00pm – Cabal + Farah
2:00pm – Ram + Salisbury
4:00pm – Dodig + Polasek
6:30 pm- Sinner + Kym

Watch live Practice Court 2 streaming: youtu.be/V5c7qvL9ymc

Watch live Practice Court 3 streaming: youtu.be/MWEE7_MUC_A

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